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Khimsar to Jaisalmer - Day 13

It was a six hour drive from our wonderful oasis at Khimsar to the city of Jaisalmer. The road was good but narrow, and almost deserted by Indian standards - I gather this route was only recently completed, and therefore undiscovered by the majority of traffic. We drove for hours through semi-fertile land - the presence of the arid desert so close to the boundary always present in every block of land left unattended and unwatered. We are pretty close to the Pakistan border here, and have been warned to keep our passports handy, as security is tight. In the evening we drove out to a Brahmin crematorium from which it is possible to get the best photos of the Jaisalmer fort at sunset.  I so miss my camera. There is only so much a mobile phone can do in different light conditions. When I get back to NZ it's going to take about a week to download all the photos I've taken on the camera. Those I'm posting on the Blog, or facebook are of course from the Samsung phone. Tomorrow we actualy get to explore the golden fort, which looks like fun.

Hotel at Jaisalmer

Our room in Jaisalmer hotel

Sunset over the desert, Jaisalmer

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