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The Lost One - Penelope Haines

The Lost One

She is an orphan, independent, unattached and free of any personal ties.  


So why is Purdie Davis, an unexceptional nurse from New Zealand, receiving unsolicited gifts? They appear to be valuable antiques that must have a story behind them. Purdie doesn’t know their source, and has no idea of their significance. Is she wrong to find this attention menacing?


A romantic saga spanning three generations, The Lost One begins as Kyril Komarov flees Moscow, escaping the Russian Revolution. The story crosses the globe as Purdie learns about her family and of the treasure entrusted to their protection at the dawn of the twentieth century, a treasure that now could put Purdie’s own life in danger.


Balanced between the past and the present, with history, intrigue and fabulous Russian treasure, The Lost One unfolds one family's legacy.

The Lost One
Helen Had a Sister - Penelope Haines

Helen Had a Sister

Helen of Troy’s story is well known:  Hers was the “face that launched a thousand ships”, started a ten year war and brought about Troy’s destruction.


But Helen had a sister.


In a world where women were submissive, she ruled. 

In a world where wives were loyal, she was unfaithful.

In a world where honour and blood feuds abound, she exacted the ultimate revenge. 


Born  into the Royal House of Sparta, her  courageous spirit, passionate love and lust for life make her a unique heroine.


Her character and her choices have fascinated people for centuries.  Her story is one of betrayal, murder, adultery and revenge, set in ancient Greece at the time of the Trojan war.


She is Clytemnestra, High Queen of Mycenae.

Helen Had a Sister
Death on D'Urville - Penelope Haines

Death on D'Urville

A Claire Hardcastle Mystery - Book One

The first novel in a new mystery series, featuring Claire Hardcastle, commercial pilot and flying instructor, who operates out of Paraparaumu airport in New Zealand.


Pilot Claire Hardcastle is fiery, clever, daring —and she’s trying to prove herself in a man's world. When her routine flight to pick a passenger up from a remote island in the Marlborough Sounds turns into a murder investigation she is excited to discover she may hold a clue to the crime. Why would anyone want to murder an inoffensive, reclusive novelist?

Her interest in solving the murder is heightened by her growing attraction to Detective Sergeant Jack Body. The key to solving Jorge’s death depends on unravelling a tangle of motives as diverse as rifled grave goods, artefact smuggling, disputed Maori history, breached tapu, and child abuse. It seems many people had a reason to murder the man who used to be Claire’s passenger, and Jorge was not the man she thought she knew.

Death on D'Urville
Straight and Level - Penelope Haines

Straight and Level

A Claire Hardcastle Mystery - Book Two

The sequel to 'Death on D'Urville', finds flying instructor Claire Hardcastle involved in another adventure.

Her partner, Jack, has been sent on secondment for a month to the Solomon Islands and Claire plans to use the time he’s away to settle down to her studies, observe Dry July and think about the direction in which their passionate relationship is heading.


If only life were that simple!


Informers have reported ‘something new’ planned by the local gangs, and police are anxious to discover what this is.  Claire and her aircraft are recruited to help the police with surveillance work.  Unfortunately, aircraft, and the pilots who fly them, are easily identifiable, and Claire is vulnerable.


A particularly vicious attempt to intimidate her knocks her confidence badly as she tries to understand who would have cause to attack her.  The only bright spot on the horizon is that Jack will be home in a couple of days.


A botched police raid results in fugitive criminals abducting Claire and a student hostage, then forcing her to fly them to the safety of a remote hideout.  Thrust forcibly into a world of eco-terrorism, drugs and violence, the two women have to use all their initiative to survive. Claire’s skill and courage as a pilot is put to the ultimate test as she and Melody seek to extricate themselves from their plight.

Straight and Level
Stall Turns - Penelope Haines

Stall Turns

A Claire Hardcastle Mystery - Book Three

Pilot Claire Hardcastle returns in her third adventure!


When Claire accidentally stumbles over human remains in a swamp, she and her partner Jack are initially happy to leave police to handle the matter and continue with their holiday. They’re visiting Jack’s uncle’s farm to take part in the Labour weekend muster, held every spring.

However, also on the muster are two brothers in search of their father, who disappeared a year earlier. He’d been a guest at the same lodge they are currently staying at, and vanished without trace at the end of his visit. Could the corpse in the swamp be his?

Claire can’t help but be intrigued. She’s unfamiliar with both the rural environment and the world of luxury lodges, but her curiosity is undiminished.

Over a few action-packed days Claire has to survive an increasingly dangerous series of adventures while uncovering the mystery of whose body was hidden in the swamp, and why a luxury hunting lodge in New Zealand, catering to international celebrities, has become embroiled in violent crime.

Stall Turns

Blood Never Lies

All families have stories. All families have history reaching back across time to the ones who came before.

In the ninth century, an Irish healer rescues a Viking warrior from the sea. Can the story of Ciarnat and Thorkell reach through time and affect a sceptical 21st-century woman?

A thousand years have passed since Vikings raided the coastal villages of Ireland. The names and stories of those who suffered then has been lost, falling gently into oblivion, wiped from the written record.

But there’s another invisible repository of history. Tied to every strand of DNA, borne in our blood and stamped into every cell of our bodies, is a living memory of our ancestors.

When Erin discovers she's pregnant, she’s thrilled but troubled by terrible nightmares. Each night she returns to the same fiery scene of a woman forced to bear witness to an unspeakable atrocity. Soon she is physically reliving experiences from centuries earlier.

As past and present become inextricably entwined, a tale of violence a thousand years old threatens to repeat itself.

Blood Never Lies
Box Set Cover - Hardcastle Series (1).jp

The Claire Hardcastle Mysteries

Box Set

All three of the popular Claire Hardcastle Mysteries together in one volume! 

Featuring Claire Hardcastle, a commercial pilot and flying instructor, who operates out of Paraparaumu airport in New Zealand.

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