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Media Kit

Stall Turns - Cassette.png

Radio Interview with Graeme Joyes - Stall Turns

Radio Interview -
The Lost One
Includes prologue 
read by Penelope
Radio Interview -
Beach FM - Blood Never Lies
Massey University Interview -
Princess of Sparta
Kapiti News Interview -
Blood Never Lies

Fun Facts

  • I am single minded.  I have one husband, one dog, one cat and one horse.


  • My favourite treat when I was a child growing up in Karachi was to stay overnight  at the company beach house.  We would get up at three in the morning, and walk along the beach in the chill morning to watch the sea turtles come up from the sea to lay their eggs in the sand.  Once they had laid and buried their eggs deep in the sand to hide them we used to ride on their giant backs back to the water.


  • My youngest son once commented on the number of books in the house and did the maths on how many hours I must have spent reading them. It worked out as three solid years of my life spent with my nose in a book, not counting sleep or any other activity during that time.


  • Further to the above, we had so many books we had to expand the house to provide further area for bookshelves.


  • I once gave a speech about flying to a class of Australian primary school children. I explained the basics of aviation – taking off into wind, making sure the aircraft wasn’t too heavy, and what made a good pilot.  The children were polite, but didn’t catch fire until I described landing on a strip which doubled as a farm track across a paddock which had recently held cattle. As the tyres touched down they ran through a rich vein of cow shit deposited by said beasts, and the propeller turned it all to a fine spray. The passengers, waiting by the side of the strip were liberally doused. This story proved enormously popular with the children and may well have encouraged a future generation of pilots.

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