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Tashkent Bazaar - Day 15

We went to the Bazaar as early as we could to avoid the heat of the day. This bazaar was the genuine article. Local housewives and families shopped for their groceries, purchased fashion, shoes and underwear and chose their meat requirements from amongst the live ducks, chickens and rabbits. Alongside those creatures destined for the cooking pots were beautifully coloured cage birds. I wasn’t sure which I felt sorrier for, but in places like this, western sensibilities have to accept a different set of values. Our produce comes in plastic bags – I’m not sure this gives us the moral high ground. The range of breads, fruit and sweetmeats was astonishing. It all looked delicious. I took a photo of a sign advertising horse meat. The next time Bandit is silly about getting on the float I’ll be showing it to him.

I wanted to buy these cushions, but they were too bulky to bring back!

Chicken in a basket

Boys in the bazaar

Ducks for sale

The fruit and vege department


Horse meat for sale. Next time Bandit annoys me, I'll show him this!


Just like a kid in a candy store... Cavan at the sweet shop

The bread factory

Chopping vegetables

Our hotel

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