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Bukhara (Part 2) - Day 8

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We had a day off today – an entire day all to ourselves, to sleep in, wander as we wished and respond to no timetable or imperative other than those we chose. Consequently I got up at 5am. For the first time I found the internet uncrowded and Broadband intact. I gleefully uploaded days of Blog and photos. The frustration of dodgy connections was forgotten. Today I made progress. I’ve also managed to beat the blog site into obedience. I’m not sure how or why requirements for posting have changed, but suddenly I was having to re-edit my site and fix up formatting errors that had suddenly appeared. Hopefully most of it is now cleaned up and I apologise for any faulty matter you come across ! We made a leisurely breakfast and I washed my hair to repair some of the damage the hammam had inflicted the evening before. Yes, it felt clean, but sadly lacking in conditioner. Now I feel restored to my former glory (albeit a cleaner version of same). Cavan and I went to the bazaar where I bought the book stand I’d rejected in Khiva (too much money, too little space to transport it). I finally came to my senses and realised “if not now, then when?” and bought it. I will not pass this way again. We stopped for tea and coffee at a tea house. Cavan had black tea while I enjoyed my cardamom coffee – thick Turkish style coffee laced liberally with cardamom. Later, after enjoying our morning we returned to our room for a little rest. The tour resumes tomorrow, and we spend tomorrow night in a yurt. A little relaxation at this point seemed sensible. At 5pm there is a wine tasting. I believe almost all our group have signed up for this – although there are a worrying number of sick people among our number. Cavan, and several others are now sniffing miserably having acquired colds. Others have succumbed to the stomach bug. I have an uneasy feeling that I introduced this to the group when we joined in Ashgabat. I’m staying mum about it though, because no one wants to be a ‘typhoid Mary’.

Dragoman people having afternoon tea

The backstreets of Bukhara

Hailing water from the canal to wash away the sticky mulberry berries

Tea and coffee with silk road titbits

Inside the tea/coffee house

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