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Penelope's latest novel
'Blood Never Lies'


Blood Never Lies


All families have stories. All families have history reaching back across time to the ones who came before.

In the ninth century, an Irish healer rescues a Viking warrior from the sea. Can the story of Ciarnat and Thorkell reach through time and affect a sceptical 21st-century woman?

A thousand years have passed since Vikings raided the coastal villages of Ireland. The names and stories of those who suffered then has been lost, falling gently into oblivion, wiped from the written record.

But there’s another invisible repository of history. Tied to every strand of DNA, borne in our blood and stamped into every cell of our bodies, is a living memory of our ancestors.

When Erin discovers she's pregnant, she’s thrilled but troubled by terrible nightmares. Each night she returns to the same fiery scene of a woman forced to bear witness to an unspeakable atrocity. Soon she is physically reliving experiences from centuries earlier.

As past and present become inextricably entwined, a tale of violence a thousand years old threatens to repeat itself.


Praise for The Lost One

"As a huge daily reader. This was one of the best books I have ever read."

"This was a great read for sure. I couldn't put it down."

"Keeps your interest to the very end. Makes you want more."

"Very captivating, one of the best books l have read."

"Truly a story that was extremely difficult to put down."

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