Straight and Level

The sequel to 'Death on D'Urville', finds flying instructor Claire Hardcastle involved in another adventure.

Her partner, Jack, has been sent on secondment for a month to the Solomon Islands and Claire plans to use the time he’s away to settle down to her studies, observe Dry July and think about the direction in which their passionate relationship is heading.


If only life were that simple!


Informers have reported ‘something new’ planned by the local gangs, and police are anxious to discover what this is.  Claire and her aircraft are recruited to help the police with surveillance work.  Unfortunately, aircraft, and the pilots who fly them, are easily identifiable, and Claire is vulnerable.


A particularly vicious attempt to intimidate her knocks her confidence badly as she tries to understand who would have cause to attack her.  The only bright spot on the horizon is that Jack will be home in a couple of days.


A botched police raid results in fugitive criminals abducting Claire and a student hostage, then forcing her to fly them to the safety of a remote hideout.  Thrust forcibly into a world of eco-terrorism, drugs and violence, the two women have to use all their initiative to survive.  Claire’s skill and courage as a pilot is put to the ultimate test as she and Melody seek to extricate themselves from their plight.

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Straight and Level - Preview