Stall Turns

Pilot Claire Hardcastle returns in her third adventure!


When Claire accidentally stumbles over human remains in a swamp, she and her partner Jack are initially happy to leave police to handle the matter and continue with their holiday. They’re visiting Jack’s uncle’s farm to take part in the Labour weekend muster, held every spring.

However, also on the muster are two brothers in search of their father, who disappeared a year earlier. He’d been a guest at the same lodge they are currently staying at, and vanished without trace at the end of his visit. Could the corpse in the swamp be his?

Claire can’t help but be intrigued. She’s unfamiliar with both the rural environment and the world of luxury lodges, but her curiosity is undiminished.

Over a few action-packed days Claire has to survive an increasingly dangerous series of adventures while uncovering the mystery of whose body was hidden in the swamp, and why a luxury hunting lodge in New Zealand, catering to international celebrities, has become embroiled in violent crime.

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Stall Turns - Preview