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Khiva to Bukhara - Day 6

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The journey from Khiva to Bukhara took us 8 hours in the truck. Some of the road was fine, but the rest of the time we bounced and swayed our way across Uzbekistan’s desert.

This is doing wonders for my Fitbit statistics which are now regularly up in the 20000’s. I watch the numbers tick over with each pothole we lurch over!

Once beyond the influence of the Oxus and it’s irrigation schemes the land reverted to scrub and sand. We crossed a small river which had it’s source in the Aral sea. Otherwise it was dry and barren country.

We’re staying in a hotel hard up beside the old city, and after a quick wash and brush up our guide escorted us out to dinner at a private home that operates as a restaurant. The main course was Plov which we were shown how to make – although I lack the open fire stove needed to recreate this back in New Zealand. It was a delicious meal and a nice introduction to Bukhara.

This comes from the Aral Sea

Soviet era housing

Trucks waiting to go to Afganistan

Girls in Uzbeki costume

How to make Plov

Our feast

Interior details

Lunch on the road

A brief sign of water in barren landscape

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