I became a writer when I realized I could gaze out                                                     of the window with a glass of wine in my hands                                                        and claim to be working! My previous occupations                                                     of Nurse, Management Consultant, Parent,                                                             Farm Manager, CEO and Commercial Pilot

                                                      failed to achieve this simple clarity.


My training as a nurse taught me not to kill patients; my training as a flying instructor taught me to be patient as students attempted to kill me. My current status as ‘alive’ is a testament to the speed of my reactions.


Writing mystery novels allows me to explore new and creative ways of murdering those who have offended me. So far the results of that exploration have remained purely fantastical.


My interests are centered on reading, writing, theatre, music, horse-riding and skiing. I maintain that I am a single minded person, having one dog, one cat, one horse, and one husband.

I live in Otaki, New Zealand.

I hope you will enjoy my novels.


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